Walt Disney World: March 2014

Yeah, that says “Walt Disney World: March 2014”. As in, one month after the recently mentioned trip. And as in, 6 months ago. We were able to take an extremely last-minute, extremely quick weekend trip thanks to expiring Southwest credits and our DVC membership + Annual Passes. We spent less than $400 for the 5 of us to go down – including food – so we couldn’t pass it up! Because it was spring break, we went down with every intention {Read More}

Walt Disney World: February 2014

Yeah, that says February… so this will very much be a 20,000 foot view of our trip. It was fun, if I recall correctly 😉 The biggest difference with the trip was that it was the first time we surprised the girls! No countdown, though I did tell Nolan (who had no idea what I was talking about, and certainly didn’t spoil it). We told Elise and Avery that we needed to pick them up from school to hang out somewhere {Read More}

Elise and Avery’s Sixth Year

Ten Years Ago…

Ten Years Ago… “Yeah” by Usher topped the Billboard Hot 100 Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” topped the Country charts The Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers were playing in the NBA finals Alexander Ovechkin was poised to be the first pick in the NHL draft (going to the Washington Capitals) Ronald Reagan died at the age of 93 from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease Brood X 17-year Cicadas covered the trees in Ohio Gas prices crept to $2.03, breaking the $2.00 {Read More}

Medical Update, part whatever

It’s been another week of doctors appointments for Nolan, this time with good news all around! First stop was pulmonology. Dr. Bokulic was pleased – as we all are of course – that the winter seems to perhaps be over without event. No more hospitalizations or ER visits since our last appointment, and most surprisingly, no need for added Atrovent or steroids. The addition of Singulair coupled with growing up, it seems Nolan may actually be over a major hurdle {Read More}

Marathon Weekend

So… I ran a marathon this year.  Well, I should say I ran *in* a marathon, and finished a marathon walking.  That was my initial goal, to finish upright – and that I did. Twelve hours before the race start, I had no intention of doing it.  This is so true, I’m pretty sure I had two desserts the night before, and definitely had fried food and all sorts of other non-race-friendly food for days before. Oh, and I hadn’t {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 2014 Post-Cruise

We spent a couple of days in Florida after the cruise, with plans to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We really don’t like it, but it was a good way to get into the parks one day as a family without current passes.  Because of some scheduling snafus with Kyle’s work though, the days would look quite different.  Instead, he and Nolan would fly back a day early (after multiple harried calls to switch flights, find sitters, {Read More}

Three-Minutes with Nolan

Random. Low-quality. Still cute. 🙂

So… my baby is two.

Usually, I post a slideshow early on my kiddos’ birthdays and then come back later to gush on and on about them.  On Nolan’s birthday, I fell asleep at 8pm.  And slept until 6:30am. So, that happened.  And then other days happened, and now here we are.  Time to gush. 😉 This boy, I tell you.  There are not really enough words.  He continues to show me things about love I never thought I’d understand.  I’ll eat my words – {Read More}

Nolan’s Second Year

So… my boy turns two today.  I’ll have more on that later, but for now, what you’ve all two of you have been waiting for! And in case you’d like to revisit Nolan’s First Year.… you can do that, too. (Go ahead, click. He was just as cute back then ;))