I know what you’re thinking….

Man, one entry and she’s already given up on this site.

WRONG! If you’ve noticed, I’ve repeatedly updated my list of upcoming events.

Yeah, that’s sort of embarrassing. I swear, I log on here just about every other day. But sometimes, life is so overwhelming emotionally (a few of you follow, the rest just please trust me), that it’s just too darn frightening to take a chance at writing out your thoughts. Especially for all the world to see!

I know what you’re thinking now, too. Geez, I should quit my day job!

Um, Jennifer? That’s what blogs are all about.

Ok, I get that. But the things going on in our life right now are just not up for public discussion. Tough luck.

Back to Buckeye football…. I promise I’ll write if I can ever think of anything remotely worthwhile. Or if I can figure out how to make the worthwhile things in my head coherent 🙂


  1. At last – she manages another post ;0) *lol* Like I can talk – my blog is just as barren of posts.

    So Miss Jen – what do we need to do to coax some writing from you? You do it so beautifully!