If I believed in numerology, I would be having some serious conflicts today, let me just tell you. I stopped at the gas station on my way to work, and after putting gas in the car, I decided to grab a chocolate milk and a bite to eat from inside. “$7.77,” said the cashier, “it looks like it’s going to be a lucky day!”. Sweet, I thought jokingly, as I mumbled some sort of placating comment (it was early, but hey – she was just being friendly).

Fast forward to lunch, which I also forgot to pack. Batting .000…

Subway is right down the road from work, so I order up a Chicken, Bacon & Ranch combo. “Uh oh,” says this cashier (a male this time around), “your total is $6.66. I hate that!”

Seriously folks, it’s just coincidence! How about you lower your prices or give me some sort of special discount, and I wouldn’t hit those “magical” numbers 😉

Thankfully, though, I believe there’s a lot more than organized chaos controlling this universe, and – a fact for which I am particularly grateful – in control of my life!