It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Hmm…. I believe that, especially being the Christmas fanatic that I am. (Speaking of which, what do you think of the new color scheme? Something doesn’t seem right about it to me…) Still, I can’t seem to catch up on life to enjoy this Wonderful Time!

Kyle is working horrific hours, we never EVER see one another. I am being offered a promotion at work (yay!) but am struggling with taking it because I’m a dork. I have my trees up and decorated, but the rest of my Christmas junk is lying around the (entire) house in totes — and Thanksgiving was almost a week ago! (If you know me, you know what a tragedy this is! 😉 ). Saturday is Cookie Day and next Friday I’m going to Disney World (!) and I can’t possibly fathom getting done what needs done in time for those events. And just to make things more fun, I’ve been sick as a dog with everything that anyone around me has. Gotta love winter!

And yet, if I were to answer the question “How are you?” honestly, instead of with whichever random response comes out of my mouth when I know the asker doesn’t really want to know…. my answer would be “Great”. Maybe I’m a slow learner, but life eventually gives you some perspective and some stuff just isn’t as pressing as it once was. I’m learning, bit by bit, to sit back when I need to and realize that life will just continue to be there tomorrow. I am the luckiest girl I know — as soon as I get rid of all the junk that’s clouding my view (you know, that JUNK in life — most stuff! 🙂 ), I remember that. And I can’t help but smile, thank God for what I don’t deserve, count down the minutes until I see my wonderful husband and just enjoy living.

Ok, break time is up. Back to the crap that needed done days ago. Grumble grumble grumble…. 😉


  1. Seriously. I tweak and I tweak, and I don’t love the colors.

  2. I like it Jennifer!