Pros and Cons…

There is something completely incredible about having a 2GB XD card for your digital camera. The freedom in carrying only one card (in your camera, no less), never having to “make room” for pictures, etc is incomparable.

The downside of such a marvel, though, is certainly the fact that you never have to “make room” for pictures…. thereby effectively killing any motivation to get your pictures off the camera to share with the world.

In the beginning of September, I was embarrassed to be going back to Disney World having not taken a single picture from my previous WDW trip off of the card. It became my goal to edit and upload all the May 2007 pictures before leaving — the fruits of labor which you have obviously been blessed with, if you’ve clicked on the link to the side of this little entry 😉

It was at this point that I swore I would never procrastinate so horribly again, because it made the photo-getting process such a chore, instead of a joy. Hold that thought.

There are certainly a boatload of obvious downfalls to being sick as a dog, in this, my 12th week of pregnancy. I lament to Kyle as he is on call that I am a “worthless piece of crap” today, because when I’m not in the bathroom throwing up I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. There is, however, one upside to this day. I can’t get motivated to do ANYTHING around the house, so I fill my time on the computer for the day, and swear that tomorrow will be more productive.

So, here I sit, 2 days shy of 2008, and I just finished getting the pictures off of the card from September 2007. 2 Disney trips ago. Shame!

What’s worse, is that in doing so, I realized I must have skipped several sets of pictures in trying to accomplish my poorly defined September Goal…. there are still pictures (and yes, even STILL) from July! Sheesh!

Some day you might see pictures that aren’t several months old. Until then, enjoy these pictures from September. Who knows, maybe by the time the babies graduate from high school I will have pictures from their birth to share in some sort of creative montage spanning 18 years.