Reality Check!

Ok, so on my infamous to-do list for the last 11 days or so, has been “update blog”. Better late than never, no?

The other day (well, probably over a week ago now) I was talking with a friend and was reminded that cribs can take 8-10 weeks to be delivered! I wasn’t concerned, per se, but I realized (and subsequently told Kyle) that we should probably be at least thinking about thinking about them in the next while. 🙂 Of course, while I was in Florida he had already done some research, so we found ourselves eagerly looking at a few options, just to get some ideas.

Fast forward a bit, and a twin mom I am close to as well as my OBGYN just so happened to remind me that, when expecting multiples, you should really aim to have everything done (read: ready for babies to come home (faint)) by 30 weeks or so. First, of course, many multiples come that early (or earlier). Second, even more MOMs (mothers of multiples) go on bedrest – of some sort – at least by that point, if not sooner. And third, and most important since the other two concerns are certainly not a guarantee…. you just pretty much can’t do squat long before then, especially if you’re working still.

Encouraging, huh? But seriously. I’m measuring almost 18 weeks now at just over 14 weeks, despite the fact that my net weight gain is less than 2 pounds. I had to spill the beans at work because I can’t really hide it anymore, already. (Let me just say thank goodness I have gained no extra fat (yet), because it’s absolutely remarkable the pace at which your uterus can expand when making room for more than one baby. But I digress…). I am told that I can count on looking – and feeling – 40 weeks pregnant by about week 28. Sweet. Not only does that do wonders for my self esteem 😉 but how many of you have been 40 weeks pregnant or know someone who has? Then you know — it’s not a pretty sight. And yet, I will theoretically be expected to continue growing 2 babies, and maybe even working for another 8-10 weeks! (faint faint and faint again).

No, I’m actually not freaking out at all. I get a tad stressed on occasion about how bills will get paid if I’m incapacitated for months unexpectedly, but it will work out. Mostly we just realized that, as quickly as pregnancies pass usually, ours is about to feel twice as fast! (You know, until I have everything ready and have to sit around for 10 weeks doing nothing but waiting. But I’ll have plenty more posts about that in a few months, I’m sure….)

I am also aware that, by following this advice and having everything squared away “in advance”, I will feel great and have no complications and no babies until I’m supposed to. That’s not a bad trade off, either, I suppose. Especially considering the alternative………..

I mean seriously. Can you imagine my life and the lives of those around me if I, Type A OCD Planner Extrordinaire (remember her?) had to sit and watch while everyone else did all of this fun stuff? I would be miserable, but the people I would be barking orders at (and sobbing to) would be well beyond that. 🙂

So we start on the fun stuff. It’s not like we’re able to go overboard since Kyle and I are rarely even under the same roof to get anything accomplished, but I suppose that’s even more reason to get cracking. And by the way, they suggest baby showers for multiples be complete by about week 26 if mom wants to enjoy them. Just so you know.

Just kidding! I mean, I wouldn’t expect you ALL to throw me showers 😉

(Sarcasm folks, sarcasm).


  1. Phew you’re making me tired just reading this stuff – maybe you should post some pictures of the things you have to buy so we can help you choose :0)


    ps – I’m really struggling with this pink on black… maybe you could pick a new theme to put off picking a crib *lol*

  2. Is the darker pink any better? I don’t like it quite as well, so I might keep working on it… but I wouldn’t want to work my few readers so hard that they don’t come back! 😉

  3. LOL Jen…the visions I just had… and the laughs…

    We had NOTHING done for Mason… he came at just under 36 weeks…

    We had EVERYTHING done for Brody…and after 14 weeks of PTL and bedrest, shots, meds and contraction monitors…he came at 39w6d.

    Like you, I’m a type A OCD planner too..and 14 weeks of bed rest about drove everyone around me, and myself, completely insane… and I’m not even slightly joking!!!!

    I’m having baby fever and reading your posts, I’m just living vicariously through you! (There can be no more babies over here…)

    Have fun and enjoy 🙂