Very quickly, some thoughts…

– I have a mental list that keeps growing for posts I need to add to this site. I sit down to do it, but then realize that I would rather not make multiple posts in a row, so then … I don’t know, somehow that translates into not making any. Thus, the lists grows longer. So watch out — assuming I don’t get too distracted in the next short while (it is 6:30am on Sunday, you know — lots going on! ;)) then there might be a slight barrage of posts for you, my avid readers, to catch up on when you stumble back upon this blog. I’ll try and do better next time, knuckleheads. (Reference, anyone? No, I wasn’t insulting you, and I don’t use the word “knuckleheads” on my own all that often).

– Everyone at work knows about “my situation”, as it was called. They have all been wonderful and excited for us, including my regional manager. Eric’s boss (his regional manager for the business side of things) is not so thrilled, and I get to meet with him this week. But he isn’t my boss, so I can only be made to suffer while talking to him and no longer than that, right? šŸ™‚ No really, I think he’ll be supportive — he’s a good guy, too.

– My house is finally clean. Not perfect, but clean. Kyle and I spent nearly 8 hours yesterday doing it, and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, who knew pregnancy (or perhaps twin pregnancies) could kick your butt so much, and then kick you a little more, to where your house will likely look better AFTER the babies arrive? šŸ™‚

– Speaking of getting clobbered, yesterday’s bedtime marked TWO DAYS with no vomiting, and no Zofran. A record! Here’s hoping it lasts, and that my mother’s 7 month long pregnancy sickness isn’t genetic. I think I’ve had my share in the last several weeks to make up for it, maybe I got it all out of the way at once!

– At my last OB appointment, my net gain = 1.5 pounds, for 15 weeks of pregnancy with twins. My doctor isn’t concerned, but I certainly am shocked! I’m measuring over 19 weeks though, so I’m thinking there’s a few lives growing well that can be held responsible for my rapidly expanding uterus. At the risk of adding confusion to a poor sister of mine ;), it appears I gain (measure) about an additional week of gestation every couple of days. Yikes!

– Finally, we have a dresser and bookcase in what will eventually resemble a nursery! (Sorry Mom and Cas, you can’t see it until a few more exciting pieces are in there. That is, unless I need your help (and the truck) getting it here!) šŸ™‚ The cribs, etc, as predicted, are going to take much longer to come in. Oh, well — we’ve got plenty of time!

– Oh one more thing, despite the “Finally” which starts the last point. I am so blessed to not be working 13+ hour shifts in a hospital, I know. But my job is so overwhelming at this point with a multitude of state surveys, etc that I simply cannot wait to have some time off from there! (Ok, so that really wasn’t informative or interesting, but it often consumes my thoughts, so it gets put on a blog. Deal with it.)

All right, going to grab some cereal. I should be back soon, or you have a right to call me on it.


  1. Knuckleheads… I want to say Biff from BTTF but I’m probably wrong!

    Glad to hear you made it to the two day record – here’s hoping that swiftly becomes three :0)

    I have to go play a new Christmas present game with my lovely hubbie – but I will be back later to read the rest of your posts!

  2. Hmm… I think you may be right, but not what I was going for. I don’t know that you had a chance, really, unless you or Lee get ESPN and watch a television programs called “Pardon the Interruption”. šŸ™‚ There’s a sports commentator that closes the show with that line almost every day.

    I hope you had fun playing the game!

  3. Ya got me – never heard of that programme!

    The game was fun – Carcasonne Castle – you should check it out šŸ™‚