Thea’s First Reds Game!

So remember that 2GB XD card I have for my camera? (See this post). Well, drum roll please……… it’s empty! Which is sort of sad, considering I really have nothing going on in my life worth taking pictures of for who knows how long, but still, what an accomplishment! 😉

This means that you get to see some pictures from, oh, last summer…. you lucky thing!

The three of us before the game

The Largest Dog Bathroom I’ve ever seen

Jen and Thea

Cassi and Thea

Cardinals’ Personnel saying Hello!

Our View (note that Thea had her own seat, but weighed too little to take advantage of it. It would close on her and she’d fall through the back when we tried!)

Thea’s First (unenthusiastic) character run-in

More photos here, and/or from the link in the sidebar. Enjoy!