Thoughts from the Uterus… 15 weeks, 2 days (15w2d)

Each baby should now be approaching 4 inches long (crown to rump) and should weigh a whopping 2 ounces! They are busy moving amniotic fluid through their nose and respiratory tract, helping the primitive air sacs in the lungs to develop. Their little legs should finally be lengthening a bit longer than their arms, and they are both frequently performing gymnastics (or water ballet, as I prefer to call it) just about every moment they are awake…. which, lets face it, isn’t often. They are practicing to be newborns, after all 🙂 They might have even taken to sucking their thumb and/or fingers, although they’re movements are mostly involuntary. Their eyelids are still fused shut, but they can now sense light. If we were to shine a flashlight on my belly, they would very likely move to get away from the beam. No, we haven’t tried this. Taste buds are almost fully formed, although there isn’t much worth tasting just yet (just wait, babies! Tons of fantastic food awaits you, eventually! I seem to vaguely remember this being true… :)) Hair continues to grow, unless of course it’s genetic — in which case they will likely be “cue balls” as my family affectionately labeled me, until they are walking. The ears are finally in place on each side of the head, and the bones inside them (along with the whole skeletal system) are hardening and beginning to retain calcium. Their heart and kidneys have been functioning completely for several weeks now, and their brain is able to control those systems to regulate their environment! And of course, the twin secrets begin early! They are fully aware of whether we will have sons, daughters or one of each…. but it remains a mystery to us! (Mostly because my doctor apparently doesn’t like ultrasounds, but don’t get me started on that one!)

As for mom, the wondrous energy, etc of the second trimester that everyone raves about remains oh so elusive! I’m told that’s not unexpected when carrying multiples, but it could make for an interesting pregnancy. If and when I get some relief from vomiting, get some energy, etc, I’m thinking I will look and feel like I’m about to pop — so I apologize in advance if I’m a less blissful pregnant chick than you might have expected. So far, though, according to my husband, I’ve been a saint! (I’m not sure those were his exact words, but trust me — that’s what he meant! :))

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for another 20 weeks or so, so check back for more growth updates if you’re sort of a geek like Kyle and I, and this stuff fascinates you as much as it does us. Isn’t life just a stinkin’ miracle?!