Building the Babies’ Book Collection…

So after gathering some of our old books, and going on a little shopping trip, and loading up on books from the Lawless’, we’ve built up quite a collection! You can never have too many books, though — especially since they are of varying ages — so don’t think we’re stopping here! 🙂 We’re at least keeping our eye out for a special group of books on the list of “must-haves”, so we’ll update this table as the library grows. Eventually, I’ll link to it on the sidebar (“Interesting Links”) so it’s easier to find when it’s updated (rather than reposting it several times).

Edit: I had the table embedded here, but it was ugly no matter what I did to it. Apparently while blogger supports spreadsheets, there’s very little customization to it. At the risk of ruining my beautiful blog :), just click this link instead:

What’s on the Babies’ Bookshelf?

In other news… I’m quickly finishing Day 7 of no vomiting + no Zofran! Amazing! Still very little energy (and even more so since it is 100% impossible for me to get more than 45 minutes of sleep at a time on my side, regardless of how exhausted I am when I lie down)…. but it’s a start!

Rumor has it you may get a glimpse of some nursery furniture in the near future. Stay tuned….


  1. That’s the *current* list?? Wow! You should post the *wish list* in case any of us come across them on our travels.

    Glad to hear the record is up to 7 days. Have you tried supporting your tummy with a pillow to sleep – my friend had one of those banana shaped ones from ikea and now uses it to support baby while she breast feeds.

  2. Yeah *blush* 🙂 We both were nuts about books as kids, and kept many of them for “the future”. Of course, I’ve fallen in love with several more after working with kids for so long, so I don’t feel quite satiated! Lol. Just keep in mind there are two of them… 😉

    I have been working lately with all sorts of pillows all sorts of places! My biggest problem is my back, unfortunately. I have a problem with my SI joint (in my very low back, sort of the back of my hips) and I have NEVER been able to sleep all that well without it hurting… so to add weight, shift everything around, and limit my position choices has been tough. A few more months! Until then, I just stay tired. Good preparation, I suppose… 🙂