My first Digital Scrapping Finished Product!

Ok, so it’s about 1.5 years late. If you’d like ammo for a better shot at me, use this — there is still a bag of paper scrapping crap I spent a LOT of money on in December 2005 to scrap our first Lawless’/Kaufman Disney trip, sitting in the room full of a LOT of paper scrapping crap that I spent even more money on (and then time organizing!). I don’t even know if I plan to open that bag ever again.

I love the idea of scrapbooking. I love the layouts, the opportunity for creative outlet, etc. But almost 2 years ago, I fell in love even more with Adobe Photoshop. I know very little about it compared to how much it offers, but I am 100% hooked. So, I thought to myself one day, why not scrap digitally? I looked into a bit, decided to wing a few pages… and then couldn’t stop. (Until, of course, I stopped for a really long time. Hence, the reason the book is so late.)

I ordered the bound, book-jacketed version today, and I think it will turn out cute! My layouts are shameful compared to some folks I know (ok, one “folk”, who – unfortunately in this instance πŸ˜‰ – reads this blog faithfully (Thanks, Clare! :)). Her pages are a freaking work of art, but hey – mine are cuter than they would be if I just shoved some prints in an album, no? At least I hope so!

The decision comes now whether to scrap the rest of our vacations to date (from the cruise until now), as planned, or to scrap the idea (bad pun intended) altogether and shove them in a photobook layout. One thing is for sure, I have to be caught up before the babies come. You know, so I’m years behind on their lives… but at least don’t have something that predates them looming over my head! πŸ™‚

You’ll notice if you link, as well, that I’m using flickr this time. I lived and breathed by photobucket for about 5 years now, for a handful of reasons. Unfortunately, when linking visitors to my photobucket albums, their most recent layout just plain stinks. I often wonder if people can even find the pictures when they land on the album! (That is, of course, no knock on my very bright readers. It is simply a bit of frustration for how ridiculous a direction the site appears to have gone, namely one of catering to myspace. You might know how I feel about myspace.)

All that being said, check out my book. And let me know what you think of the album layout itself (flickr), regardless of your opinion of the content! As always, the link will also appear on the sidebar.

Take care!


  1. Jennifer,

    I love the digital scrapbook pages. Digital scrapping is something I keep saying I will do but I do not. I need to get Photoshop and get started.

    I am also jealous of the babies book collection. I know they will always have a book to read.


  2. Oh yay you finished one! It’s gonna be such a good feeling when you hold the book in your hands and know that you put so much more love into making it than sticking the piccies in an album πŸ™‚ Cute pages – and you do so much better at the journalling than me!

    Found my way round flickr well enough – I like it over there – just don’t like the fact that unless you pay you have to load small pictures in small numbers. I like photobucket for storing – and the fact it’s easy to link to images from your blog directly.

    Hmm… what to do with the other pics… you could start something for the twins already – you know with scan pictures and photos of their new items in the nursery and why you picked em – oh and the story of how they came to be – then of course by the time the twins arrive you’ll be rushed off your feet! Maybe a shutterfly book would be a compromise – they have proper scrapbook templates from some great designers over there – here’s some more info

    Now I’m off to soak in such public praise of my efforts *blush*