Hello from Tampa!

I’m not really sure why I’m on here, except that I’m bored and a bit lonely/homesick… and it’s only been half of a day. The weekend is certainly not going to be as dreadful as I anticipated, but I would still rather be at home with my husband and my dog in our comfy house. Instead, I’m anticipating the awkward meeting of my roommate when she comes in at whatever time (yes, roommate. My multi-billion dollar company apparently is worth that much for a reason. Roommates! And strangers at that… Ugh!)

On the positive side, the weather is as beautiful as imagined. Our flight was direct (apparently not everyone was so lucky…. seriously, how cheap are we?!), then I had a lovely dinner at Shula’s with a few decent people. Now, though, I’m just wishing I were not here. I would take PB&J in a Winter Storm Advisory if it were up to me.

2.5 more days!…

{Sorry for the incredibly disappointing update! I’ll try and hold off until I actually have something worth reading next time…}