Can you keep a secret?

So….. Kyle and I had an ultrasound today! Some of you have heard the frustrations with my OB (which, by the way… the latest on that is that everyone in the city, in the freaking field everywhere, thinks my practice and Dr. S specifically, are/is the best. I’m stuck).

Anyway, “The Best” or not, she wasn’t meeting my needs, and comments like “You can’t ever really be sure you’re hearing two heartbeats with a doppler” (followed up by flat out refusal for an ultrasound to confirm that the babies we HAVE seen, and DO love, are still there and have heartbeats) just finally wore me too thin. I love the day and age we live in, and so for a small price (really, I would have paid any price for the peace of mind I now have) we have seen our children again, for the first time in almost 10 weeks!

Yes, there are still two of them šŸ˜‰ Yes, we saw 2 heads, 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 beating hearts, among other things. It was only 10 minutes, so we’re still really looking forward to the Level II, but it was enough. We even got lots of pictures! The pertinent medical details are as follows:

(I’ll even throw in a bit of interpretation, so that some of you might care who couldn’t care less about the nerdy stuff šŸ˜‰)
– Dizygotic, Dichorionic, which we already knew (2 placentas, 2 sacs — which mostly just means fewer risks, such as Twin-to-twin transfusion, etc. And it confirms, as we knew, that they are fraternal instead of identical).
– Twin A is vertex (head down), Twin B is breech (head up). (The baby on the right side is closer to my cervix (getting the Twin A monomer), and is doing a headstand in the bottom right of my uterus, the baby on the left side has it’s head in my ribs and is dancing on my cervix, effectively appearing to kick Twin A in the face (although not really, since they are nicely cushioned by separate sacs, etc).
– Placenta A is posterior (to my back), Placenta B is anterior (to my front, which explains the difficulty at times in hearing a strong heartbeat).
– LVP measurements are at 2.52cm (A) and 3.85cm (B) (This is one method of measuring amniotic fluid levels. The results are on the low end of normal, but still normal. I seriously have to work on my gallon+ of fluid each day, but that’s an entirely different challenge.)
– Heart rate was 152 (A) and 140 (B) (These are both normal… but really anything between about 120 and 170 is considered normal. And no, there is never truth to the saying that heart rates vary with girls vs. boys, so don’t even go there ;)).

And now, the answer to the question you’re all asking….

Yes, we saw gender(s)! But just so you can all kill us (hmm…. who knew we had such a death wish?), we are waiting until our Level II to share. It’s not that we think the results are wrong (because, while possible, at this late in the game it’s pretty easy to tell)… it’s just that it is a really big deal, and I need a minute to process my thoughts with my husband about a) the fact that we are really having babies, and b ) they are actually son(s) and/or daughter(s), instead of just ambiguous, gender-neutral humans. Regardless of the outcome, there is definitely some processing that has to happen, that nobody warned me about! šŸ˜‰

So, regarding the title of this post… I suppose it doesn’t matter if YOU can keep a secret. It just matters whether or not we can……………. šŸ˜€


  1. Teaser!

    How exciting :0)

    Now when is *level 2* so you get to spill the beans??

  2. Just 9 days away….. February 19th! I hope I can last until then šŸ˜‰