Ultrasound pictures (minus a few key money shots…)

FYI – You can click the pic to see better images… I didn’t want to post this many and make them huge on the blog. Don’t bother though, if you’re looking for gender clues — those pictures are still safely hidden on the computer….. 😉

Baby A, 6 weeks

Baby B, 6 weeks

Twins, 8 weeks

Baby A, 8 weeks

Baby B (the fish), 8 weeks
Twins, 18 weeks

Baby A foot, 18 weeks

Baby B foot, 18 weeks

Baby A, 18 weeks

Baby B, 18 weeks


  1. *wow*

  2. i can’t wait to hear what you are having, but the best news is that they are both growing so perfectly; the rest is just a bonus.