18.5 week appointment (what an odd schedule we’re on…)

My OB appointment went well today. I saw a different OB, who I don’t click with in the slightest — our conversations were awkward, we had nothing in common… but she is approaching my pregnancy as if I were having twins (go figure!) so I’ll take it. It was by far the best appointment I’ve had yet, even if we didn’t talk about Disney, etc like old friends! We of course have our Level II on Tuesday, and are on every 4 week visits this one more time. After that (starting around 24 weeks) I will be seen every 2 weeks, and will have an ultrasound every 4 to start. What a novel idea, to follow the standards of care for a particular field…..

The other news that I always look forward to hearing (just so you know, about 50% of the time that would be sarcasm, the other 50% I’m totally serious!) ….. at 18.5 weeks, I’m measuring just OVER 28 weeks! (*faint*) I was 3 weeks ahead, then 5…. now about 10! Eek! Still, it makes me feel so much better about how many secondary issues and discomforts I’m having this “early”. I would be 3/4 finished with a singleton pregnancy! Then I remember how absolutely enormous I’m going to be, and I sing a bit less thankful tune! 😉

As it stands, they are still looking at ~37 weeks as a goal, but this OB was much more realistic about my body frame and the ability to get there — what it might take, the fact that it really might not happen, etc. Maybe my previous OB didn’t want to “scare me”, but I’m a healthcare professional for crying out loud. I already know these things, I’d love it if my doctor would pretend he/she does, too!

So all in all a good visit. I have finally gained about 5 pounds which was the “requirement” for this visit, so no Boost/Ensure just yet! Now if only I would start feeling remotely human again! And just think…. there’s still about 15-20 more weeks. Yikes! I have totally given up on the ‘honeymoon phase’ that is supposed to be the second trimester though. With twins, apparently you aren’t guaranteed that. So, any good day will just been seen as a bonus good day — I won’t complain about them when they come! 🙂

So there you have it. The entire recap of my appointment, whether you wanted it or not!

In other news…. wait, no, there is no other news, really. Work gets longer and more stressful all the time. I am quite sure I won’t be working up until I deliver, bedrest or not. You can take my word for it. Kyle and I are going to dinner tonight since he’s on call tomorrow. That pretty much sums up the rest of our life together. Exciting, huh?

Take care!


  1. Holy Crap Mrs. Kaufman!!! I am totally bad at blogging (whether that is posting on my own, or reading others!) and completely missed the pregnancy announcement. Fear not, though, I went back and read so I am all caught up. Congratulations to you two!!! I will keep all 4 of you in my prayers and am soooooo excited for your little twins!!!

    lots of love and best wishes for comfort:)

  2. No worries! I used to forget about people’s blogs and not read them for months at a time, but I found this nifty “google reader” that, as long as I check it (one site instead of dozens) periodically, I can at least keep track of how behind I am on my reading! 🙂

    Thank you for the prayers and good wishes…. we’re plugging along, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t done being pregnant! 😉 Too bad these babies need quite a bit more time before we can meet them!

    Take care!