Aagh! Happy February 16th to me!

Where have I been this winter?! Tom Glavine (one of my all-time favorite pitchers) and…………. Javier Lopez (the first love of my life (Kyle is aware) …


Hallelujah! It’s like old, championship-winning times! I might be a bit insane, but I seriously can’t control my excitement over here. Sorry if you hear me screaming at 8am from Liberty Township…….


  1. i have been wondering if you would have time or energy for baseball this year. glad to see it!! are you getting a reds package this year? or is that a bit overly-optimistic about how you will be feeling this spring?

  2. Unfortunately I think it’s a bit optimistic! I would have loved to go back to Atlanta for opening day, and to get more reds tickets… but I’m not really supposed to make too many plans after about 28 weeks!