Gender news tomorrow, along with more pictures!

I logged on here to give you a sneak preview. I thought about posting the ultrasound pictures without any arrows or typing (each say “Baby A/B is a ______” — a little too easy!). I thought maybe you would enjoy trying to figure it out rather than be held in suspense another day….

But the shots were too good. Sorry about your luck!

You’re going to have to wait just a bit longer……………

We’re really excited about tomorrow’s scan. I’m still significantly more relieved after having seen the babies last weekend than I would have been otherwise, but tomorrow’s ultrasound is going to be so much cooler! Because there are two, and because we’re high risk (multiples. body frame, etc) it will be almost 2 hours of quality time with our babies! 🙂 We’ll be able to see in detail so many parts of their tiny bodies, and watch them move around, interact with their environment (they tend to move a lot with the doppler or ultrasound!), etc. Even more important, we’ll be able to verify and begin monitoring for cervical insufficiency — the thing that scares me more than anything thus far in this pregnancy journey. All in all, it should be a good afternoon!

If only it would come a bit sooner…..


  1. Hey Jen, fantastic job on the blog. Congratulations on the girls and it looks like you are on the way to a beatiful nursery. I got you as my homepage and will be seeing you everyday now! All my love to you. Kim

  2. Okay, I’m set up to post properly now. Any replies will be emailed to me as well. I hope you and Kyle both are happy and healthy today.

  3. Hooray! It’s good to see you post. I miss you all and hope you are doing well!