Team…. PINK!

Yes, two girl balloons = two girls! I’m too exhausted for anything more creative than that, I’m sorry. Everything looked good though, they were very cooperative again in letting us see everything that needed seen, and my cervix is holding up nicely.

I did get told that if I’m working 45-50 hours a week I have to rest when I’m home…. I can handle that for now, especially since we can’t kick the anemia for anything.

Sorry this is so brief…. but I figured I wouldn’t get away with not posting for a few days! 🙂


  1. i am so happy and excited for you and kyle. (i am crying just typing this). i will keep praying for your health and that my beautiful little granddaughters grow strong and healthy. love you, shelly

  2. Oh yay – two little baby girls! Hope you had a great time meeting them both during your scan :0)

    You just make sure you get enough rest – and try and scale back on those working hours!