Thoughts from the (ever-expanding) uterus… 20w

The babies now measure about 5-7 inches crown to rump (and almost 10 inches head to heel, which is how they’ll start measuring soon)! This is probably why they are actually starting to replace some water ballet moves with jabs and kicks…. if only their Daddy could feel them yet! They are getting much bigger overall, too, probably weighing in around 9-10 ounces each.

Their skin is beginning to thicken, and is forming four layers like ours. Sebaceous glands are starting to form vernix (“the cheese stuff”) to protect the skin from continuous immersion in amniotic fluid. Hair and toenails continue to become more evident.

They are practicing swallowing (amniotic fluid… yum!), which helps their digestive system. And speaking of digestive systems… the ever-lovely meconium is beginning to be formed and is beginning to fill up their bowels. Pleasant, no? 🙂

If I were having a singleton, the fundus (top of my uterus) would just now be approaching my belly button, and you may start to notice I’m pregnant. If you’ve seen me lately though (or read here that I’m measuring 28+ weeks and know what that might look like), you know MY uterus is practically in my diaphragm, and I look QUITE pregnant!

As for things outside the body, I think everything is starting to come together nicely! A while back, we posted how everything is supposed to be “ready” by about 28-30 weeks. As far away as that seemed then, it’s finally beginning to make sense! I’m being ordered to rest more, I’m quite uncomfortable at the end of each day with this much pressure on my fairly small frame. I imagine that advice was well-given, and I won’t want to (or be able to) do much after that point!

Registries are done, bedding/nursery accessories came in (and it’s all adorable!), names are being narrowed down (although a) you won’t find them out, and b) that certainly can be done even if I’m not up and about… but still :))… maybe someday soon, it will actually feel like we’ll have 2 beautiful baby girls to hold eventually! I swear, it can’t come soon enough!


  1. Soooo, where are the pictures for people like me who really appreciated the beauty of an expectant mom? We are waiting with baited breath and hope that you will actually include some side shots as well. Please don’t be shy!

  2. I know, I know! I’m sorry! I’ve been so bad about having Kyle take them. Fortunately, we have a lot of events coming up where we’ll have help getting pictures, and I won’t be shy! 🙂 Besides… for the time being, I actually have a “cute pregnant belly” instead of blowing up like a blimp, like I anticipated!

  3. Colleen Cranford told me something she saw on Martha Stewart. When the babies are born take a picture of them in a 12 month onesie. Each month take their picture in that same onesie in the same place. At the end of the year we will see how much they have grown and can see it and compare in an easy way. We need to pick out a cute 12 month onesie for that idea!

    I wish I had made you take pictures each month of yourself. I never did it so I didn’t think of it. Bummer!

  4. So, we have to wait until our granddaughters are born before we can know the names? What a tragedy!

  5. I actually have 2 friends who do something similar. One has a similar outfit each month, the other has the baby in diaper only (so you can see the cute rolls!), next to the same stuffed animals. I think it’s a fantastic idea!

    (See email about name issues… ;))