My faith has been restored (!) ……..

Many of you have heard here, but might not believe, that I just don’t do sweets anymore. I know! Jennifer, who never met a dessert too rich, just isn’t interested! It’s not that they make me sick, I just have no desire for them. In my brain, I think “Ooh, _____” so I’ll grab a (cookie, piece of cake, piece of chocolate, etc). I’ll be excited about it. I’ll take one bite, and then I will be done with it. It’s like an illness, really.

The most recent nail in the coffin of my sweet tooth was on Valentine’s Day (or, rather, the day before). We went to The Cheesecake Factory, and I didn’t want to order dessert! I asked Kyle to get something I like, so I could have a bite. He, of course, assumed then he would have to order the most chocolatey slice available, but I kept refusing. The only thing that sounded good was some lemon raspberry thing. What in the world?! (Just so you know, it WAS excellent, and I did have a bite).

But then, something happened. Yesterday when I got to work, someone said they were in….. The Girl Scout Cookies I had ordered! I paid for them, completely unenthusiastic since I wouldn’t be enjoying them anyway thanks to this pregnancy-inflicted sugar hiatus.

Kyle opened the Thin Mints last night, so I grabbed one out of habit — not all that interested in it or all that hungry.

It was like the first time I ever ate a cookie! They still taste fantastic. I ate another, and another, and they continued to taste better than they ever have.

Maybe I’ll gain weight after all! 😉 I don’t think my sweet tooth is really ‘back’, but the Girl Scout Cookie season is still young……


  1. Yeah for Girl Scout Thin mints! I bought some and have not opened my box. Can you believe it?! I have had them for nearly a week now.

  2. I assumed mine would go uneaten, too! I only bought two boxes and one is gone!