A relaxing facial, and pubic symphasis dysfunction.

I treated myself to an express facial today at Becoming Mom Spa, to take advantage of my discount for having a “membership” there. They are tricky, offering those discounts just to make me spend my money there… 🙂

Anyway, it was glorious. It was relaxing, it felt wonderful, and I left actually glowing and with a little color, like I’m supposed to have during this “honeymoon trimester” (ha!).

I also finally got a diagnosis for the crippling pain I’ve had in the left part of my pubic bone (sorry ;)) since I was about 8 weeks pregnant. Said pain has gotten so bad lately that I can hardly walk, even with scheduled Tylenol. We knew early on it was pubic symphasis pain (read this article if you’re interested in a good explanation of the pubic symphasis, and what happens to it during pregnancy). Well it turns out, it’s not just stretching because it still thinks I have to get a baby or two through it (seriously, I wish we could skip all the stuff I’m not going to need without a vaginal delivery! ;)). In fact, it’s just that my pelvis is screwed up. And my ligaments. Both of which are facts we already knew.

Why we didn’t come around to this a bit sooner, I have no idea since – for my entire adult life and then some – I have had issues with my SI joint and hips (a predisposing factor for SPD), and have required PT for several joints because my ligaments are already “too floppy”, even without help from pregnancy hormones.

What does all this mean? Nothing really worthwhile! It means that I have a label for what makes me unable to move. It means that I can continue taking scheduled Tylenol that doesn’t really help, but that “some day” (when I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding) I can take stronger anti-inflammatories that should help. It means that I will likely get PT, which I seriously don’t have time for, but will do if it helps me stand up like a normal human being again without wanting to cry. (Heck, the last week or so I can’t stand, sit or lie down without wanting to cry!).

I am being told that it doesn’t mean I will be at any more increased risk for pre-term labor than I already am, but that I could need surgery, etc at some point if the joint actually separates, ligaments tear, etc. I am being told that I will likely not be able to have a vaginal delivery ever depending on the severity of this condition, but you know that’s something I couldn’t care less about and wasn’t planning to need anyway.

I’m also being told (hooray) that since Baby A prefers to be head-butting my cervix and cramming herself into my pelvis all the time anyway, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, since I have so many factors that play into it already, and am carrying two babies.

Aaaargh. I have done my very best to not fill this blog with a boatload of complaints, but I’m at my wits end on this one. I am truthfully quite tough, despite appearances. I have a very high pain tolerance, and have an especially high tolerance for stupid joint, back, hip, etc problems since they are mostly baseline for me. But this hurts. And I’m tired of it. 🙁

Can I have another facial? Say, one that lasts another 12 weeks or so? It could even be intermittent, I don’t mind. I could alternate between a facial, a massage and a nap.


  1. Jennifer,

    Hope you can find something to relieve your pain or at least keep you comfortable.

  2. lawlessmom says:

    Sorry you are having such difficulties. I pray the pain is manageable for the rest of your pregnancy. It totally stinks though!

  3. Jen, I had no idea that you had other problems already. Sorry to hear that they will be aggravated. Keep on taking it easy and maybe that will help.

  4. Oh honey – these babies sure are putting you through the mill – but it will all be worth it when you hold them in your arms :0)

    Hope you can find something to relieve the pain and make you more comfortable *hugs*