Week 22.5 Appointment

I had an appointment this past Tuesday, and all is well as far as we know. It’s not like they really do anything to determine that!

Total weight gain = 9.5 pounds. I thought for sure I’d get yelled at, but they are finally being more reasonable! šŸ™‚ Since we know the girls are growing (apparently on track), it would not really be necessary for me to “make up” for what I’m missing at this point. Now, the only instructions/goals are to continue to gain steadily, and the babies will, too. They want about a pound per week for now, and eventually about 1.5-2 pounds per week. I accomplished that this past month, so we’ll see!

The anemia continues, but luckily the additional iron is bringing me to a safer, more normal result. Someone noticed a bit of pink in my face the other day (for the first time in months), and I don’t get as lightheaded. Maybe eventually, I’ll also get some energy from the appropriate amount of red blood cells and oxygen! šŸ˜‰

Heartbeats sounded nice and strong (which we know, since we still have a doppler here for a little while longer). I’m “only” measuring 30ish weeks, which is exciting to me since, at the last appointment, I was measuring about 10 weeks ahead! I was thrilled to see things have slowed down a bit.

Additional calcium has been ordered, which means I’m popping pills every few hours since half of the stuff I’m taking can’t be taken within a few hours of one another. It feels strange to be filling a med tray of crap I have to take when I’m pregnant and not supposed to be taking much of anything, but it’s all safe and necessary at least! Whatever it takes…

I think that about wraps up the entire appointment. FMLA paperwork has been signed and faxed, although I’m not disclosing my last day of work here until I at least tell the coworkers šŸ™‚ Then again, it’s not like I really KNOW my last day. I just know my last possible day, according to Kyle and I, assuming I make it that far. It still feels like forever away…..

Sorry there isn’t anything more exciting to report from the appointment. Prenatal care is a joke right about this time of a pregnancy, and just think — now I get to go every 2 weeks! We do have another Level II ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday though, which is always at least a little more fun. Maybe I’ll actually have some pictures to share this time! Doubtful though, since the perinatologist keeps wanting to focus on the medical stuff. Sheesh! šŸ˜‰

Off to “enjoy” the ridiculously dreadful weather…

I have a few more things I’d like to post, if I can get around to them today! Until then, take care!