Another Level II today! (23w4d)

Hi! I’m exhausted, but thought I’d pop on and post an update from our Level II ultrasound today. We were there just about an hour again, and everything looks great! We saw 4 heart chambers in both babies, all measurements were appropriate, etc. Even my fluid levels were apparently more normal, which is great!

The best news from the scan, though, was the girls’ weights! Appropriate/expected weight for gestation (23-24 weeks) is between 1.25 pounds and 1.5 pounds. Baby A was approximated at 1lb, 6oz (1.4lb) and Baby B was just behind (they are thrilled at how closely they are growing!) at 1lb, 5 oz (1.3lb). Despite having gained fewer than 10 pounds, they are obviously growing just fine! No Boost or Ensure for Jennifer! πŸ˜‰ Edit: Kyle saw in the report that they are right around the 45th percentile for all of the length, etc measurements! That’s a bit easier to “get”, at least for me πŸ™‚

They must have been a bit sleepy (or very likely just cramped!) because they were behaving much better (ie not punching or kicking one another). They certainly move nonstop and have changed positions again (Baby A completely rolling away in the middle of the scan!), but didn’t show off as much today. We did get what Kyle and I swear was a big, open-mouthed smile from Baby B… but of course the pictures we got from their mediocre machines ended up looking just as creepy as all other face-forward, skeletal shots. I’ll post them anyway… Just take our word for it, it was adorable! πŸ˜‰

First the stupid face pictures. I hate these, we totally need to schedule our 3D scan to see their cute little cheeks, instead of just eye sockets!

Now the stuff that’s a bit cuter…. although still poor quality. I swear, it’s a good thing insurance covers these scans. We found out they charge our insurance company $600 (I’m sure mostly because a perinatologist is present, instead of just a songrapher, but still…). You’d think for that kind of money every few weeks, we’d have works of art! πŸ˜‰ Still, we’re pretty enamored with these babies….

Baby A with her hands between her knees

Baby B, initially with hands by face

Baby B, apparently grabbing her leg (which is now up by her face)…


  1. How beeeauuuutiful! Congrats on their weight gain, that’s really fantastic. Keep up the good health.

  2. Adorable!

    I just got this post in my feed reader and thought of you – ideas for those pregnant belly shots we’re still waiting for!

  3. i think they are just adorable!! so happy to hear about the weights and the hearts and the fluid levels. everything seems perfect. i am so proud of you, jen; you are already such a wonderful mommy!!!

  4. I tried to leave a comment the first day you posted this but I think because I wasn’t signed in, it didn’t work. I think the pictures are great and love Baby B with the hand pulling up her leg. Isn’t it great that she is already concerned about fitness! Maybe she can motivate grandma to do the same thing. I also love the pictures with the hands by her face. I could not see Baby A’s hands between her knees. I saw the hands but couldn’t make out the knees.

    I am so relieved that things are going so well. I was worried with you gaining less than 10 pounds it is seems they are growing wonderfully.

    Love ya!~