Hello, Viability!

Today marks the girls’ 24th week of gestation. Babies born after 24 weeks have a greater than 90% chance of survival outside the womb, most of whom have no chronic complications. That blows my mind!

Still, we have of course made it EXPLICITLY clear to both of them that they do not, by any means, have an open invitation to enter the world for a while still! 😉

Yes, they have a lot of growing to do. No, there are never any guarantees in life and their lives and ours still lie completely in God’s hands. They will come according to His plan and will be exactly as He created them to be, regardless of when that time may be.

But wow, what a huge milestone, especially for anyone who was ever told that it might be nearly impossible to have even one biological child. (We were processing those words only 8 months ago….).

To know that, from this point forward, there is a plan … a protocol… an evidence-based method of care… to keep the babies in as long as possible, but to provide for them if they make their appearance early. To know that, from this point forward, the entire world would give them much more than a fighting chance. To know that this point often marks the difference in bringing your children home (eventually), and “praying for a miracle” because there isn’t a lot they can do if preterm labor starts between 20 and 24 weeks — except hope and pray that you can lie there and keep them in. (It’s too late for some interventions, and too early for most others).

We still, along with the medical team providing for mine and the babies’ care, want them to grow much bigger and stronger, and want their lungs to develop a lot more before they take their first real breaths. But now the goals are so much more optimistic… 28 weeks, 30 weeks, then 34 weeks, etc. And with each passing week — no, truthfully with each passing day going forward – they will be more and more prepared (physically) to take on the world. And we, who have only been able to thank God for getting us this far and pray for peace as His plan unfolds …… can start breathing easier with each new day, and can start getting more excited to hopefully meet our beautiful daughters in due time.

(Now that I’m all choked up, we’re off to Ikea! ;))


  1. [message to the babies] stay in your mommy’s tummy for as long as you can – it’s nice and cosy in there and you’ll meet her soon enough.

  2. Gosh, jen, i am choked up as well….they are truly little miracles. i agree with mrs s, the best place for them to grow is right where they are, cramped though it may be. so be safe and pamper yourself all that you can. but now onto the other thing that i have been thinking about ALOT. this whole baby a and baby b is so scientific and impersonal. so in sticking with the whole disney goofiness i started long ago, i think i will now call them baby Aurora and baby Bianca (the prettiest a and b names i could find in my disney literature search)…lots better than a and b. oh, yeah. hehe!! 🙂

  3. I have to admit, Aurora and Bianca are at least more believable than Mickey and Minnie! 😉