On "Belly Shots"…

So I have made it clear to some of you reading 😉 that I think the traditional “belly shots” are, um, really stupid. I’m sorry! I just think they are pointless, and if the person who is being photographed doesn’t really want to be, it gets rather old having a camera snapping off at you every second! That being said, I can forgive. For now 🙂 {Especially since it isn’t NEAR as odd as people stopping in the room I was working in at church today “just to look at me”. I swear, you’d think I was a circus freak, or – at the very least – the first person on the entire planet to be pregnant.}

Also, it means I can try very hard to take advantage of normal situations in which photos might be taken, force people like my reluctant husband to have said pictures taken, and post them before my mother can post a hundred pictures she took of me in the course of 10 minutes, despite knowing that she would kill someone if she were the victim of such schemes! (Don’t try and tell me I’m wrong, mom!)

So, I bring you a few Easter photos. Reluctantly, I might add, since I took SUCH pride in an adorable dress that showed off a normal looking, cute, compact pregnant belly in real life…. But at the mercy of the wind and a camera, it came much closer to pulling off “tent” than it did “dress”. What a disappointment! I swear, it was actually super cute!

Kyle and Jen

Kyle’s “Belly Shot” (insert rolling-eyes smiley here ;))

Grandma, Cassi, Jen and Kyle

* A word about Cassi’s outfit:

She and I assumed these ridiculous pants were pajama pants. We were told they are “just spring capris”, and – on further inspection – it appears they WERE made for a more public purpose than pajamas. Weird…

The Lawless Girls
(we are really so cute!)

The closest “Belly Shot” you’ll ever get, mostly because Cassi and I love the “pocket” on the hooded sweatshirt, which loses it’s purpose when filled with uterus. 🙂


  1. Excuse me, what better purpose for a hoodie pocket than a uterus full of girls??? You look gorgeous!!! And that’s really why everyone is looking at you like they’ve never seen a pregnant woman. They have never seen a pregnant woman carrying twins look as good as you look. By the way, I actually cracked up out loud when I got to Kyle’s belly shot, you guys are too funny!

  2. Ok Miss J – that super cute Easter outfit is exactly that and I think does an excellent job of disguising your bump – I love the sweatshirt shot though – in that I can see that you are lovingly growing two super cute little girls of your own 🙂

    Happy Easter!

  3. How cute are you? 🙂

  4. Kim, mostly KYLE is too funny 🙂 He was joking a bit, and then didn’t “straighten up” until the picture was taken. It wasn’t until after the picture was on the computer though, that we realized he was standing exactly like me (hands and all!). He apologized for taking the goofy picture… I told him I didn’t care at all, as long as he didn’t care that all the world was seeing it! 😉

  5. Thanks for forgiving me. I have to take those pictures though because you have family and friends that would not get to see you changing as my beautiful granddaughters develop so I MUST take the abuse and press forward to get pictures posted…for their sake. I get to see you but will soon forget how lovely you are carrying my grandchildren. You must just deal with it! 🙂 Also, remember how much fun it is to look at me being a blimp! You and Cassi love to see those pictures.As for those at church…they along with many others just adore seeing pregnant ladies. It is amazing to watch the transformation and know that soon we will have beautiful little babies to hold and love on.

    Have a great day off while I work today!

    Love ya!

  6. Ok, Kyle and I talked about this last night so I should clarify. I don’t mind the pictures of me growing. I have no issues with my belly, etc. It’s just that when 100 pictures are taken, some of them are just bad — and every woman should have the right to choose to share a good picture over a bad one, no? My analogy was this — my wedding day, I feel like things looked good. I loved my dress, my hair, my makeup. I was actually even skinny and tan. But some pictures weren’t good! If a picture isn’t an accurate portrayal of what someone looks like, it’s simply not fair to share it with people who don’t know better! Take the tent picture with Cassi 😉 I made it a point to show everyone yesterday, because I didn’t have to explain that it was a bad picture. It’s just not very nice to post unflattering pictures of people online when you know from seeing them in person that they don’t look THAT bad! 🙂

  7. Jen, I think you look FANTASTIC!!!! And I don’t think you even look big enough for twins!!!! (that should give you an idea of how I looked with just ONE baby…lol…).

    You look beautiful! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!