A vs. B

No, they are not competing in anything. We love them both 🙂 I just started to answer a question my aunt asked in a comment, and ran out of room. I talk too much! 😉

Question: You always call them A and B, do you know which is A truly and which is B truly, and if so, have you decided that baby A is name #1 and baby B is name #2 already?

A good friend of mine just asked the same question on the phone yesterday, so I figured I’d address it!

We definitely do know which is which. From the beginning, just as a standard, Baby A is always the closest to the cervix and then the rest (in any multiples) get named subsequent letters as they get further out/up. They do that mostly so that if there are any concerns during the pregnancy with any of the babies (as opposed to overall concerns), they can monitor the specific baby they need to, and any doctor, etc – OB/GYNs, emergency room doctors, doctors anywhere – will know who has the ‘problem’ they are looking for.

As for movement, etc, I have been able to tell them apart for probably…. 6 weeks? I don’t really remember. Certainly from about week 13 when I felt “movement”, it was totally indistinguishable flutters. Then even when the movements got stronger, I wasn’t 100% sure because they were so small, moved so much, etc. Now, while they move constantly, they don’t make major changes to their positions. I can absolutely feel which is which, with the exception of small bumps in one area where it could be B’s hands or A’s feet, if they don’t hit me hard enough to tell 🙂 Because of B’s position (transverse and much higher up (think… mostly lining my diaphragm)), and maybe because she never stops :), I feel her movements literally 99% of every day, and can really distinguish what is what. Baby A is a bit more elusive, but will give out nice kicks or head-butts to make sure I know she’s there too, just behaving 😀

As far as the names are concerned, we really don’t know which is which. I think initially we both thought of one as one name, and one as the other. We didn’t necessarily have a strong reason, it just sort of happened, maybe because we had one name picked out so much sooner than the other — but it was never really discussed or set in stone, by any means. I suppose it’s like when you talk to someone on the phone a lot, you just happen to get an “image” of them, without really trying. As the babies develop more distinct personalities (and believe me they have already!), we find ourselves sort of doubting any initial thoughts we might have had, in favor of something that “fits”.

That being said, they are never referred aloud really as one or the other in conversation, and it’s nothing we’ve sat down and decided. We figure we might always want to factor in who “looks like a ______” when we see them, or who comes out first (which, with a c-section, is much harder to assume), etc. I don’t think they’ll really have individual names until they are born, but it’s always interesting when one of us will sort of slip into one mindset or another! We’ll see! 🙂