Quick Update! (Part 1)

I just wanted to add, for a few people who are curious and for my own memory in the future, the outcome of my most recent OB appointment (at just under 27 weeks), and the other things that have gone on the last few days that I sort of glossed over in the shadow of the 3D ultrasound πŸ™‚

I lost a pound (net gain at 27 weeks = 10.5 pounds), and finally got the Boost/Ensure Sentence handed down. I have purchased a small pack of each, but if they are as gross as I remember, I will be drinking Slim Fast instead, despite the odd looks I might receive πŸ™‚ I’m really not surprised I can’t gain weight, as I literally struggle physically with eating. Yesterday I had a piece of pizza at 2:30, and could hardly stomach even 1 serving of anything at dinner (8pm). Today, I’m vomiting — my one day a week or so. Wasn’t this supposed to end, oh, 16 weeks ago?! πŸ˜‰

My CBC results showed that I’m STILL anemic, somehow, so my iron is upped again. Sweet. Thankfully, I have somehow escaped a lot of the GI side effects associated with iron, perhaps because they have prescribed a slow release tab? We’ll see if that stays the same when I double the dose every other day! I’m up to 8+ pills a day, while pregnant. I still can’t get over the irony.

My rib flaring, SPD, etc are still in full force, but there is nothing more to do about either. I really would love for Baby B to move down a bit, and Baby A to move up a bit… it might really help! Alas, after about 10 weeks in the same general positions, I think they must be quite cozy where they are, despite appearances.

Braxton-Hicks contractions continue getting stronger, but there are no other signs of pre-term labor (even on internal exam), so I’m thrilled. Here I am in the third trimester, with no bedrest yet. Hooray! Still, I continue to get reprimanded for working too much, so I’m glad to have an end in sight for that as well (less than 3 weeks now!).

My BP was the highest it’s been yet….. at 120/72! I’ll take it πŸ˜‰ Hopefully it continues to stay nice and low. I have to schedule my 3-hour glucose tolerance test soon, which I’m absolutely not looking forward to. Oh, well.

Otherwise, I think that about covers it! I have another appointment Wednesday, and we have another Level II ultrasound on Monday. From the obstetric report after the 3Du/s, it appears Baby B needs a bit more amniotic fluid. Hopefully that’s resolved by Monday’s scan. I’ll keep you posted! Until then, stay tuned for a shower update, a few pictures, etc. Have a good morning!


  1. Thanks for the update Jen – I sense you’re feeling much happier now despite the continued morning sickness! You just take it easy and keep those baby girls cooking for as long as you possibly can *hug*

  2. Despite feeling yucky, i thought you looked wonderful today. I had a lot of fun at the great shower and enjoyed meeting so many your friends. love you, shelly

  3. Hi Clare! I think the difference is all in the timing. I feel worse physically with each day, but each day also means we’re one day closer to meeting these girls (and um, feeling normal again! ;)). Hope to catch up with you soon!

    Shelly, thank you again for coming down for the shower!