Level II at 27w4d

While we will continue to get frequent ultrasounds, and I will continue to have people ask for pictures of them, said pictures will in turn continue to become less clear (and therefore less cute). The girls are just getting too big, and you can only get so much in the frame at one time! 😛 We got 8 pictures from Monday’s scan (which was, by the way, in a new location – and awesome). Here are just a few, which are still pretty pointless!

Confirmation, for the umpteenth time, that both are in fact girls 😉

Baby A’s arm — if you’re a nerd, you’ll love the radius and ulna shot! 🙂
We went to the Perinatologist’s office for this scan, instead of the OBs office with a visit from the Peri. This was only because of scheduling issues and was performed by the same practice, but I think we’ll try and go here more in the future! The machine was so much newer and/or fancier, and we saw SO much that we hadn’t been able to see as clearly in previous scans. We have “seen” all 4 chambers of the heart, etc, and everything has looked “normal” as they flash by it on the older machine, but this time they zoomed in on just the heart, and watched the blood flow (for quite a while!) through the major vessels, ventricles, atria, etc. We were all able to see quite clearly that vessels are in the right spot, development is progressing on track, etc. We saw a full bladder, 2 kidneys clear as day, shrinking ventricles in the brain where grey matter is developing. Feel free to skip my rambling if none of this interests you. Just trust me, it was awesome. Here’s what you’re looking for though —

Both girls are growing nicely. They are now being approximated at 2.25lbs (A) and 2.5lbs (B). That puts them at approximately the 25th and 40th percentiles. The difference in their growth (“discordance”) is 9%, and anything under 20% is perfectly within expected/normal limits. We’ll take it!


  1. I am quite the nerd, and LOVE the radius and ulna shot! ;D