Quick Update (Part 2)

So to finish what I started the other day, since I’m again behind on u/s pictures and have yet another appointment tomorrow, I wanted to catch you all up on what has been going on. Kyle, the girls and I have been shown so much love. As I mentioned, it’s overwhelming to see how many people already care about these girls, and will be there to love and support them as they grow! 🙂

Last week, the girls at Max’s House threw a lunch and brought goodies for the babies. It was a wonderful treat during naptime, and I’ve added a few pictures to the Picasa album. Here’s a sample —

Then on Saturday, April 12th, Leah Parr and Karen Myers threw an absolutely beautiful shower for some of our friends, and family friends to attend. It was wonderful seeing so many people from all different times and places in my life, many of which I have not seen in nearly 4 years, when I saw them at my wedding. The club did a marvelous job with everything, and the Myers girls (Leah, you still count as such ;)) were so creative! There are several pictures in an album worth looking at, but here are a few. Click the album link for all of the ADORABLE onesies, decorated by the guests. We will get such a thrill out of these unique gifts for quite some time, as they are all different sizes, Newborn to 12 months!

Finally, on Sunday, the ladies at the church threw a shower as well.

After the shower on Sunday afternoon, Kyle and I went to Babies R Us and Target while we both had the day off, and purchased some things with gift cards that we still needed. It’s absolutely amazing to me to realize how much stuff we have purchased or received for these babies, and how real it is actually starting to feel that they’ll be joining us soon!


  1. The generosity of your friends and family is staggering! So many cute toys and outfits and useful baby things 🙂

    Those personalised onesies are the cutest though!

  2. Oh my goodness, it really is! Kyle and I just stay completely in awe of that generosity. We are so blessed to have such support, and are able to relax a bit about some of the things associated with stopping work, having two babies, etc. They are all truly amazing!!!