And just like that…

I’m on bedrest. It’s not strict, per se. I’m allowed peeing, showering, etc. I’m even allowed up to the store on occasion, or to my glucose tolerance test (lucky me!), but I need to be off my feet almost all hours of the day. Depending on how well you know me, you know I’m not doing well with this. Despite counting down for the last 8 weeks to my last day at work, I am going in for a few hours tomorrow because I can’t cut loose without a tiny bit of notice. I feel like I need to at least hand things off to whomever, pick up my things…..

I suppose it would have been a LOT more dramatic if I just didn’t go back! šŸ˜‰ Oh, well. I’m also a bit off kilter about the little things — lunches I had intended to plan, projects I had intended to do around the house, etc. I will cope with those things, but I could make good money with the entertainment you would get out of being inside my head this afternoon, that’s for sure!

Most importantly, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow afternoon around 1. I have an ultrasound to confirm that the cervical changes they are concerned about (thinning, etc) are the “only” things happening, and nothing more urgent. If there is significant shortening, etc, I will be admitted to Hotel Hospital for the duration of this pregnancy…. a possibility with which I’m NOT too thrilled. Also, my uterus is quite irritable after my internal exam today… please pray that it settles down tonight so I don’t have to make any more changes even sooner than tomorrow!

Thankfully, at this moment, my OB thinks these girls won’t make their appearance still for several more weeks. She just thinks I have to be on rest in order to keep that goal realistic. Everything else today went well — BP still low, not gaining weight but no longer losing any (right direction! :)). I’m measuring 38 weeks, which is probably why my near-constant uterine contractions are actually starting to give me problems!

I’ll keep you posted……


  1. oh my goodness…i will pray for you. let me know if i can help you in any way.

  2. Jen – I have sent an email to Judie to remind her to send out the church wide email prayer chain. I told several ladies tonight who are committed to praying for you around 1:00. Everyone sends their love and are waiting to hear good news tomorrow! I am working until 2:30 but if you need to talk, call me at work. Hope your call to Eric went ok and that you are able to have some closure tomorrow. Love ya lots!