Our First Boutique Outfits!

Just now, the doorbell rang. Outside on the step was an adorable package (seriously, I need to know where Deb got this Disney mailing box!)…. addressed specifically to the girls! Their first mail 🙂

Since they aren’t coordinated enough, or, well, born enough to open it, I figured it wouldn’t really be considered a federal offense in this instance if I opened the package “without” them. Inside, was an adorable clothing set (a t-shirt, onesie, pants, blanket, mittens, bib, hat and jacket/shirt) sporting a “Little Miracle” logo, and some with the phrase, “I’m the Little Miracle that Came True”.

In addition to this, were the most adorable – and hand-made! – jumper outfits, complete with sun hats!

How adorable are they going to be in these?! I need to learn to sew!