New Week, New OB appointment (I mean it this time!)

Today’s appointment was certainly more optimistic than last week! I gained 0.75 pounds (net gain = 11.25 pounds), which is actually decent considering I haven’t gained in about 3 weeks and they only want 1-1.5 pounds/week anyway (especially while on bedrest, if possible). My BP was a bit higher than last time, but still just 120/80 – great! I’m measuring 37 weeks (I knew last night that baby B moved down a bit more level with her sister), and Dr. S is pleased with my bedrest accomplishments. While I still feel, um, “ripe” (seriously — I can be detailed which feels like too much information, or speak in euphemisms and just sound silly. I can’t win!), my cervical length is within normal limits and there is no dilation still. Basically, that means that I’m not progressing too rapidly on my own (hooray!) … but the conditions are perfect for that to happen, should I continue to contract too much.

So, bedrest continues — but it’s no more strict than it was last week, and I still get to be at home! Keep praying for more weeks here, please! As frustrating as it is, I know it’s infinitely better than it would be at The Christ (and infinitely CHEAPER!).

My back spasms also continue, and continue to get worse with each day. Last night I was crying and screaming for some Flexeril, which I might seriously get soon. It’s ok though, because we will have two beautiful girls to show for the pain…. in the not-too-distant future! 🙂


  1. Sorry to hear that your having such back pain. I know it sounds stupid, but make sure to try laying on your side with a pillow between your knees. If your lucky maybe it will help a little, which is better than nothing! What about some kind of wooden balls or ball thing that I read about a long time ago for back labor? They massage with it, but I don’t remember the details, you’d have to look it up. It’s supposedly fantastic with back labor, which is truly devastating, as I found out with Bootie. Good luck though, and we’ll definitely continue to pray for you and the girls.

  2. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with my lower back (like back labor). Just above my bra-line area on my right side, I have some severe rib flaring in the back. I have repeated spasms there, which is such an odd spot. Nothing helps much, I’m told, except “hopefully” delivering. I appreciate the advice, though! I have had lower back pain for quite some time, and the pillow tricks definitely do help with that!

  3. Jennifer you are so tough!!! I’m praying for you and the girls to stay at home, and for your pain to subside or be relieved!! It’s so informative and interesting to read all the details in your blogs, i really enjoy it. I’m excited to see pictures of your beautiful baby girls on here soon! 🙂

    lots of love from our corner of ohio-
    Jacquelyn and Kraig

  4. Thank you! I hope you and Kraig are doing well in “your corner” 🙂 and enjoying half a year of married life already!