No News is Good News (for the babies, anyway)…

I thought I’d check in since it’s been a while. The truth is, though, life is just at a total standstill right now. Bedrest is horrible and lonely, and the days drag by slower than I could have ever imagined. At 24 years old and the almost-mother-of-two, I have resorted to filling many hours of said days playing games at the Webkinz site, and buying fake furniture for plush animals that happen to have an internet persona. I thought maybe that was a sign that I had REALLY cracked up, but it turns out I know several other adults who are just as hooked. Before you think we’ve all lost it, let me just explain that the games are definitely adult-friendly and many completely surpass the quality of, say, Yahoo! games or Pogo. Still, it drives a girl crazy to watch the clock tick by while doing nothing except hoping the day passes, and waiting for a new Solitaire tournament to open up! 😉

If you recall from this blog entry, I predicted that this lull would occur – at least in part. I had been optimistic that I would still be functional (for crying out loud!), but I knew that, by having everything in place by week 28, we would be sitting and waiting for several weeks. Well, here we are! We have a fully furnished (and well-stocked) nursery, a kitchen full of storage and bottle supplies (and formula!), a basement full of diapers, baby gear (swings, bouncers, etc) scattered throughout the house, and a bassinet set up next to the bed – just to name a portion of the STUFF taking over our entire house for two, 3-pound unborn girls ……. now we just wait for said girls to come so they can use the stuff, and share in our lives.

I must admit though, as the previously mentioned entry also pointed out, it could be worse. Sure, I could be at the hospital on bedrest (although, aside from the cost, this is sound more and more appealing — PEOPLE with which to interact!). But I’m not even talking about that this time. I could be sitting on the couch panicking about the things that still need done, all while being unable to accomplish them. I could be ordering furniture from the internet and coming home from the hospital to see my nursery for the first time. Yes, being so incredibly Type A (and married to someone almost my equal in this regard) has its benefits! 😉

So I realize this entry was completely useless, but I have been prodded for another … and there simply is nothing great to write about! I’ll check back in after my next appointment (Thursday?), where I should have something to mention, however mundane! 🙂