Net Gain = 9.5 pounds….?

Somehow, despite Ensure shakes all day and bedrest, I lost two pounds! Sheesh! They aren’t really concerned though, as long as the babies continue to check out ok. I am mostly just baffled! 😛

The rest of my appointment went well. BP 122/82, cervix still “the same”. No hospital just yet! My OB has scheduled a Biophysical Profile and Non-Stress Test this morning, which I will likely get every week or so going forward, just to make sure that neither baby is in any distress – including during contractions, etc. More on that later, since I’m supposed to be heading out at rush hour (boo!) to drive downtown for said test.

Kyle and I are now amazed that we now have “30-weekers”! 🙂


  1. thanks for the update; i have been thinking of you all night. be careful of that downtown traffic, you know, precious cargo and all. i hope you pass this test with flying colors, too!