One good thing…

… about worrying about Baby A’s central nervous system is that we get a lot accomplished around the house and off of my to-do list. Much needed distractions have been found by being rather productive, which certainly requires some creativity. Each morning, I determine what (off of my already too-detailed to-do list) can be grouped together to do while I’m up for small chunks of time, what needs delegated (who am I kidding, this is already determined by the color of the list entry), what can be done sitting down (and what I’ll need to gather while I’m up in order to accomplish said tasks), etc. If you know me, you know I’m not joking about any of this. {If Eric read this blog, he would be rolling in the floor. He was always entertained by my so-called “antics” (color-coded calendars, complete reliance on the Palm, etc) and would be pleased to know, I think, that some things never change.}

So anyway, the things that I had planned to accomplish by taking off of work May 2 and having a few weeks “free”, are actually happening to some extent – despite being thrown a bit of an obstacle in not being allowed to run so freely around. Some of the things on this list are baby-related (laundry, picking out and ordering baby books, etc). Many of them are what some would consider “nesting”, except that I’ve been keeping such a list for about a year now. As long as this pregnancy has felt, I’m sure it hasn’t technically been a year. πŸ™‚ We have re-organized the kitchen, and plan to tackle other similar projects if time allows. But tonight, this is one of the more fun things we accomplished:

Ok, so it’s a bit shocking to see that just adding the babies literally fills up our car! :-O We had talked previously about holidays, road trips, etc in which we might take the dog, and how that would effectively do it. But I don’t even know if the poor dog crate is going to fit between the seats! Oh, well. We’ll fit her in there when she needs to ride along! πŸ™‚

They look awfully cute, don’t they? I made Kyle leave them in while I got a quick picture, but now the seats are safely back in the basement since we won’t need them for a little while. We’ll have the base installation checked out, and be ready when these girls want to make their appearance!

At first, we debated actually doing this item on the list. There are some things for which we will obviously have plenty of warning. By having a c-section (and the babies potentially needing to “feed & grow” a bit before coming home), this could happen during those few days. Kyle will have enough to do, though, that can’t be done ahead of time, that we decided to forge ahead on the things that CAN be done in the next few weeks. As depressed as I have been sitting around with nothing “happening”, it is becoming more and more evident that my body (and these babies!) are preparing for an arrival fairly soon. As long as we’re talking a couple more weeks, you won’t hear Kyle or I complain!


  1. Ok the words control freak spring to mind… in a good way of course! Colour coded to do lists? I have trouble even keeping a to do list *lol*

    Those car seats are awfully cute – but will be cuter still with two baby girls snuggled inside πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, Kyle and I were meant to be parents of multiples. He is almost (although not quite) as bad! Lol