All is well! (And other updates)

So who knows what Baby A was trying to pull on Friday, but everyone’s concerns are alleviated a bit today! We had an ultrasound this afternoon, and things looked much better. It was scheduled as a growth check, but after Friday’s scan we ended up receiving some extra time. It’s much harder to see structural stuff as these babies get bigger, but what we did see still looks good. And, most importantly, both babies moved around – enough anyway. Baby B is still our rambunctious girl compared to her laid back sister, to say the least! I can handle that, though. Laid back is quite different from no movement! Needless to say, everyone was very much relieved!

The concerns for Baby A’s growth were also largely dismissed. She and her sister both had perfect growth spurts (just under a half a pound per week, which is what is expected of a singleton in the third trimester). They are now being approximated at 3lb 10oz, and 3lb 12oz — back to being very close in size, and both measuring still (or again) around the 45th-50th percentiles. We are aware and have been reminded that it is at this point that growth of multiples starts tapering off significantly from that of a singleton, but we are still optimistic that they might hit our target of at least 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds)! It’s no wonder I struggle to gain (or even maintain) weight, they literally do steal every last drop of everything! 🙂

Baby B has at least been somewhat productive in her movements, in that she is no longer transverse with her head to my right side. Between April 15th and May 2, she dropped much lower and flipped herself around to be transverse with her head on the opposite side. Today, she is almost vertex — which means Baby A is no longer getting pummeled in the face non-stop! Woohoo for Baby A’s freedom! 😉 Unfortunately, it does not mean – as we had hoped – that my ribs moved back where they belong and the back spasms have stopped. In fact, they have become worse. Go figure.

No worries, though. All the laundry that belongs in the dressers have been washed. We’re moving on in the next few days to linens and closet stuff. Hospital bags are packed (which really should have been done weeks ago, when I was placed on bedrest with the real threat of hospitalization… but I digress). I still would like a few more weeks at home before meeting these girls, but I feel like I might survive this pregnancy at least. Even if it is with about 1 hour of sleep per night. (Ugh).

On to tomorrow’s OB appointment…. hopefully I’ll update after that I’m home for another week or so!


  1. this is great news, except the sleeplessness and the back pains, of course. i am so thrilled to hear that they are both growing and kicking and snuggling. hopefully you will get as good a report on your progress tomorrow. love you and will keep praying for you all.

  2. I’m so glad to see that things are going better for you, at least emotionally.

    I love the car blinds yesterday, those are absolutely adorable.

  3. Yes Kim, that much is true…which is good. The physical stuff I can get through, I’m just glad I’m not as down. Hopefully I can stay out of the hospital, and keep it that way! 😉