Zoo Babies!

Kyle and I finally made it to the zoo today, after a 5+ month hiatus. If you know us, you know that it was killing me to get back, so I even went along with the notion to go and be pushed in a wheelchair. I hated that part, but it was absolutely wonderful to be back. And, what more appropriate time to attend the zoo carrying two big babies, than during the kickoff of Zoo Babies!? We got there early and it was a bit cool, so we saw TONS of action. It’s absolutely our favorite time to go (the morning, that is), and this year’s collection of babies/toddler animals was actually not disappointing. We got to say hello to Amy, Kevin, Alyssa and Matthew (who were there to visit Curious George!), and had a great morning out – together! I don’t have a lot of good pictures, but the ones I kept can be seen here. I realize that I should have gotten a picture of my totally sweet ride, but it never crossed my mind. Honestly, that’s one I would have liked to remember! 😉