BPP and Weekly Appointment – 31w4d

Both girls did much better on today’s BPP! It’s getting harder and harder to catch them moving limbs since they are so cramped, but they looked great! As usual these days, we have very few worthwhile pictures from the scan. I’ll look back at the last few weeks and see if there are a couple worth sharing. Mostly, we keep getting exactly the same shots, and/or the tops of heads. They simply don’t fit on the screen! As for non-stress tests, they will skip them as long as the ultrasound portion of the BPP is adequate each week. Unfortunately, they don’t bother with growth estimates at these weekly scans because they would fluctuate too much from week to week to really see a trend, so we won’t have an update on approximated weights for another 2 weeks or so. Boo!

At my appointment, my OB was quite sympathetic to my increasing misery 🙂 She was very supportive, and practically did a little cheer. She delivers a lot of multiples, and said that she gets so excited at 32 weeks. “The scary stuff is really over, AND they should be here before you know it. It’s a great time!”. Yes, I did want to hit her. It was sort of cute though, I suppose.

I gained nearly 2 pounds which made her happy, and my blood pressure is still perfect. As for labor/cervix issues, things are starting to change again… but slowly at least. I’m still not dilated at all, which is good. I’m effaced about 50% (up just slightly from the last several weeks), but “significantly” softer. She of course advised me to continue monitoring contractions, etc and call as soon as anything changes. Otherwise, it’s on to next Tuesday….


  1. Way to go on the weight gain, however, it’s bound to make you all the more miserable- what a catch 22. The finish line is in sight, keep taking deep breaths. You will succeed.