Ultrasound Pictures, etc

So the last time I posted pictures from an ultrasound was April 15th… that’s been a while, considering we’ve had several more since then. Just goes to show you that there isn’t much to see anymore! Still, here are a few if you’re interested. And might I add today while I’m writing, since I forgot to mention it yesterday, that I have finally hit the jackpot and measure 40 weeks. Woohoo. Please, know that it is with utmost sarcasm that I write that Woohoo.

From 5/6

Baby A’s foot, side view

Two heads together now, beginning to really start plotting

From 5/13

Baby A’s face

Apparently, both have hair! I’ll believe it when I (actually) see it.


  1. Well, I can’t see those pictures as well–neither can Mommy, as we found out yesterday ;D–since they’re getting pretty crowded in there (as you know better than anyone ;), but they’re still cute as can be. 🙂