32 weeks!

So here we are, at a HUGE milestone — week 32! We have 32-weekers (at the worst)! I still shudder at the idea that it might be a couple more weeks, but when I just look at today, I’m thrilled we have made it this far. And to think… 4 weeks, 2 days ago I sat in an ultrasound room to see whether my bedrest would be at home or at the hospital, for the duration of the pregnancy. At that point, I felt like the pregnancy was threatened so immediately, and was so fragile… and I truly believe it would have been were it not for the mandated rest. And yet, we have bought 4 more weeks!

It’s been a rough, exhausting night and day, so I’m going to try and nap a bit. Well, rest. I can’t really nap, because I’m too busy playing with and attempting to upgrade my Mac. Woohoo!

I wanted to check in though, and take a minute to celebrate another week gone by. Now, our goals will come one week at a time. Next stop, 5/23/08 — 33 weeks!


  1. :woohoo: that’s fantasmical news! Now remind me – when is your actual due date again?

  2. Well, that’s a bit of a complicated answer with twins πŸ™‚ My 40-week due date was July 11th. With multiples, they will not let you go that far even if you could, because of placental issues (stop providing nutrition/oxygen if strained too long). Twins are usually induced or scheduled for a c-section between weeks 36 and 38, but no later. I have a section scheduled for June 16th, at 36.5 weeks. If I make it that far, they will come that Monday morning. If not, then they’ll come before then! πŸ™‚