Happy Birthday "We’re sorry, Daddy!"

Today’s post was supposed to be entitled simply, “Happy Birthday, Daddy!” It would go on to talk about how, especially since today is Kyle’s birthday, they would let us stay home another week, blah blah blah.

Apparently, Mommy has no control over these little gals. Here I sit (well, half sit ….?), posting from the hospital. The good news is, my cervix is actually holding up, or at least holding mostly steady. Still closed, which is great (and surprising to us all!), a bit more effaced. Everything else was as to be expected for the appointment as well. BP still low, weight up a bit (total now = 13lbs), both babies looked good and moved well, etc.

The bad news for the day was that Baby A’s fluid went from “low normal” to just “low”… which means time for intervention. The current plan is a lot of fluids overnight (1L bolus just completed, which is beeping incessantly in my ear, plus 150/hr all night – Ringers, if that means anything to you ;)). Tomorrow morning, we’ll repeat the scan at the peri’s office (connected to the hospital) and then the OB on call from my practice will round at some point during the day. If the level went up, then I’ll go home tomorrow and we’ll probably recheck it again at the end of the week. If it stays up, we’re back on track to have BPP’s and appointments every week until further notice. If it doesn’t go up, or doesn’t stay up, then they will consider steroid boosters and a fairly quick delivery. We’ll see!

This isn’t a very nice birthday present for Kyle, and I have told the girls’ that, in the future, we’ll have to do a little better! Instead of the nice dinner and fun evening we had planned, we sat around at the office all afternoon, didn’t eat for hours, then had Wendy’s in the hospital room — and not a good room at that, an L&D triage room since I’m just short stay at this point. It might be a long night… 2 heartbeats and a monitor in my right ear, an IV pump in my left, a nurse that comes in continuously because Baby A is so low the monitor won’t pick her up at all the second she moves any…… but hopefully it’s just one night!

I will, of course, keep you posted……


  1. i am praying for you. try to rest. you may have a big weekend ahead. but hopefully you will be home again in a holding pattern. happy birthday, kyle. love you lots. mom

  2. Jen honey – I have my fingers and toes crossed that all is well and you can come home today – I know you didn’t want to be in hospital until the Big Day itself.

    Happy belated birthday wishes to Kyle too 🙂