Headed Home…

Well the doctor never actually made it up here, because he kept getting called to deliveries, surgeries, etc. I knew that might be an issue, hence the reason I thought I’d be here all day. As it stands, after waiting 3+ hours the nurses must have felt sorry for me and just got an order put in and got his verbal instructions. I think it helps that I have an appointment with them in 4 or 5 days anyway, and know the drill as to when to call. They aren’t happy with the contractions they saw (seriously, it’s always something with these people! ;)) but they will just be extra cautious checking cervical progress, maybe add an ultrasound, etc and add medications when it becomes necessary.

As a side note, before my computer dies and/or my mom gets here to take me home (hooray!), the babies are right at, or at least very close to our goal weight for them (2kg = 4.4lbs (4lbs, 6.7oz)). At today’s scan, Baby B was approximated at 4lb, 7 oz. Baby A was sort of approximated at 4lb, 10 oz — this was put on the chart anyway — but Kyle and I, the perinatologist and the sonographer all know that it is highly inaccurate since she is too squished/low to get a good measurement (or was at least today, no matter what we tried). B’s measurements were very easy to obtain since she has more room, but they struggled to get head circumference and humerus length on A. That, coupled with the fact that she’s always been smaller and continues to LOOK a tad smaller, makes us all realize they are probably both at or just below 2kg. Still rocking the 40th percentile! Their growth continues to stay very concordant other than that one time Baby A fell a bit behind, and the peri thinks that they (in spite of good to fair fluid), look “awesome”.

As another side note, hospital food – with the exception of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (and it’s fancy room service) – sucks.

I think I should be good on posts for a while…. 😉


  1. Well I’m glad to see that you got out of your prison! I hope that you don’t have to go back until the real deal. It’s so wonderful that they’re doing so great, I’m just sorry that you have to have so much discomfort and pain. You take care and thanks for keeping up with the blog, you’re so cool.