Nausea, a one-handed shower, and a great view. Oh, and waiting.

I’m back in the room now, waiting for the OB on call to come have a chat with me, and hopefully get me the heck out of here! The BPP looked good… the babies were tired (I’m sure, nobody slept last night!) so they mostly just got annoyed with the sonographer and tried to get away from her (seriously, in what extra space?), but that provided the movement and breathing efforts that we needed to see, regardless of the motivation. The fluid pockets are at about 2.9cm (A) and 4.2cm (B), which is within normal limits. The perinatologist seems to think (and generally, I think they are the some of the smartest people ever) that IV hydration doesn’t really do the trick except in very few specific cases. He thinks instead, that Baby A has hovered on the low end of normal (right around 2.5-3cm) for weeks – which she has. He thinks that yesterday she was just a bit low (2.3cm) when we checked her since, after all, the fluid levels are dynamic. He thinks that today, when we checked anyway, she’s just back into the low end of normal. Hmmm… so I DIDN’T have to be here last night?!

At first I did find that news a bit annoying. Especially after the sleepless night, and now the after-effects of being off of the IV fluids, which (I failed mentioning yesterday) are Lactated Ringers with dextrose —– something like “sugar water”. Because…. I need extra sugar? No, “because OBs are surgeons”, according to Kyle. Weird choice. Anyway, now I feel hypoglycemic icky, and food would help – but there isn’t really any. The nursing student was sweet enough to offer me orange juice, but I’m thinking that would just be more of a problem in the long run. Teaching opportunity? No thanks, not today.

Still, I quickly remembered that I am ALWAYS appreciative of overly proactive doctors, in lieu of the ones I’ve had (even in the beginning of this high-risk pregnancy) that don’t really seem to give a crap. As long as I am truly going home :), then I will just be thankful for the extra monitoring. And heck, fluids never hurt. Well, except maybe if they are loaded with sugar, but why would I get sugar in my fluids? (insert rolling eyes smiley here).

I did get to get a shower, sort of, which was refreshing and I am now goo-free. It was a difficult task trying to do it all one-(left-)handed since I had nothing with which to cover my IV, and now my hair looks utterly fabulous and I have no makeup…. but I’m clean. And in a not-sticky shirt. The nursing student thinks she is coming back to hook me up again, but I might have to protest unless the doctor insists on keeping me here for more monitoring. If I’m just going home, I think we can skip the goo, the belts, and the discomfort for the rest of the day, no?

I must also say, I am thankful that I’m so OCD and had a bag packed and in the car. I got to hang out in my sweats instead of a backless hospital gown, and I had plenty to keep me occupied. I’m thankful for a husband that wants to be around me when he can, and also happens to like that he could take advantage of being so close to work this morning 🙂 And I have a lovely view of the Museum Center, the train tracks, the river, etc. TCH is really a great hospital, but I think I’ll leave my several day stay here until June, if I have a choice.

Check back soon… well, or eventually. When the doctor gets here, I will update right away!


  1. oh, thank goodness!! i am glad that the girls are back in the swim. hope you get to go home soon. oh, by the way, i think i remember, only about 200 calories of glucose in a 1000 ml bag of D5, so about a hershey bar’s worth of sugar (i know, the chocolate would taste a lot better!!)love you and thanks Sooo much for the update. you don’t know how much i appreciate hearing how you are doing.