Oh, what a night!

Seriously, I was very pessimistic about how my night was going to be almost from the beginning…. and yet even then, I wasn’t prepared. Blech!

First things first, I have no idea when my rescan is scheduled. The nurse came in a few minutes ago and said they would call at 8 when the office opens to see if something is set up, etc. I sure as heck hope it is, but nobody seems to really think so. After that, we come back here and wait on the on-call OB from the practice to come by and give me the verdict, which is obviously going to happen between deliveries and OR time. I’m thinking I might be here a while today, which I’m not particularly stoked about. Oh, well. Thankfully I should have some idea after the scan how things look, and can at least make some assumptions about the day. Hopefully, anyway.

Secondly, both babies did fabulous on the monitors all night. Before you get too thrilled, I don’t know that it matters all that much. That was only a secondary “concern”, if you can even call it that. Mostly, since Baby A got a 6/8 on the ultrasound portion of the BPP yesterday, they just had to do a NST (refer back to my recent enlightening post if you’re lost ;)). Since they were pumping me with fluids anyway, and I needed to be back down here first thing in the morning, I think it just made sense to have me here all night. And why not monitor the babies all night if we’re stuck here?

Well, I’ll tell you why not. 🙂

Because then Jennifer gets about 80 minutes of sleep, and not in a row. Never in my life did I think I would be so anxious for the opportunity to sleep so unsoundly in my bed for 3 hours, still interrupted…. but that which I have become so used to (and was previously annoyed by) sounds downright glorious! First, the monitors continued to have issues picking up the babies’ heartbeats. It’s hard to distinguish multiples anyway, especially when they are so big (determining 2 babies from an echo of the same one). Add to that that Baby A is so low in the pelvis, that the monitor wanted desperately to pick up my heartbeat instead. The 7a-7p nurse apparently thought that 78-80 was an acceptable heart rate for a not-quite-newborn, which was incredibly unsatisfying. Just so you know, it’s not. You are still likely great at whatever it is you do, even if you didn’t know that. She’s an RN. Not ok. I spent about 2 hours while Kyle was running home doing their job, hooking myself up various ways, gooping up with doppler gel, adjusting my IV catheter that was blown when she first inserted it, etc. It was ridiculous.

At about 8pm, the night nurse came on, who was competent AND nice. Score! We still had a heck of a time, but at least she made it happen. Had she not, I would have walked out the door and slept in my own bed. If we weren’t actually going to monitor Baby A, then there would be no point in me staying.

Throughout the night, I was of course uncomfortable. You might recall that pre-pregnant Jennifer had to take scheduled pain relief to get sleep because of lower back issues. I’m sure I haven’t let you forget that pregnant Jennifer has those issues as well as plenty of others, and pregnant-with-twins-and-now-measuring-43-weeks-Jennifer just doesn’t even bother answering pain questions or talking about it all that much. So you can imagine that nights are spent tossing and turning, trying aimlessly to get comfortable. Well, even that wasn’t an option since the monitors wouldn’t work even if I were perfectly still. Fun! I spent hour after hour watching the monitors, watching Kyle sleep in the bed across the room, fidgeting the smallest amount that I could and still ‘survive’, and fixing my monitors so the nurse wouldn’t come back in as often.

At 2am, my nurse and another came practically running in the room. “Are you awake?” they asked. Of course I was awake. “Are you feeling those contractions you’re having?” Of course I was feeling them. “Oh. Um….. is that just normal for you?” Why yes, yes it is. I hardly even notice them. It turns out, as I watched for the next hour or so, that they were quite regular and apparently doozies (right in the range of the “active” phase of labor)! Hmm. Weird. Apparently you get used to some strange things when they happen for months. 🙂 Since I had assured them they were normal (and they are!), I staved off a middle-of-the-night internal exam from a random house doc. That was definitely a bonus.

At 3:30am, and about 5am, my nurse came in to check again, to be sure the contractions “weren’t bothering me…..?”. Nope, not really. What bothers me, is how incredibly tired I am, and how long it takes each time I have to get up and pee — untangling phone cords, laptop cables, IV cords and poles, etc from my left side, and an equal number of cords from the monitor on my right side (all while not pulling the IV out or knocking everything in the room over!). The sticky goo that is accumulating all over my abdomen and clothes bothers me. The belts and bands and wraps all around my entire torso trying to keep monitors in place (unsuccessfully) bother me. Thanks for asking, though 🙂

At about 4am, after 11 hours of increasing pain from a worthless IV, I finally called the nurse and made her start a new one. Not an easy task in this girl, but oh, so worth it. At least that was one thing I could get fixed!

At 5:00, Kyle pretty much woke up but I was still trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. At 6, we were both up for good. Sweet night, no?

So now, I wait. I have an RN and a nursing student in her role transition taking care of me this morning, who are nice … but not very efficient. It wasn’t long ago that I was a student, I suppose… this poor girl is way too nervous though, for her own good — and I think she graduates in a week or two! Still, I’m just anxious to get moving so I really don’t care who is here, especially since the babies are “fine” on all of the measurements they are able to gather here.

Time to enjoy my miniature bowl of rice krispies. Breakfast comes around 9, but we’re thinking I won’t be here then. Fine with me! Be back soon….