2 more appointments scheduled…

Today’s appointment was fine. Just about a pound weight gain, BP a tad higher than usual but not concerning. PUPPP confirmed, sympathized over and then ignored as predicted — through no fault of my OB, I know. I can try the topical steroid, use Benadryl as often as necessary to sleep, and hope it only lasts a week or two after delivery (which, in and of itself, appears to still be ages away. Who knew bedrest was so efficient?)

The babies looked great on the BPP, and passed very quickly. I have a picture or two to scan when I get upstairs, but you know by now not to expect much in that regard! Slight cervical changes but nothing significant enough to put me in the hospital (yay) or make it seem like relief is in site (boo).

That’s all for now, exciting I know!


  1. thanks for the update. glad all is well, except for the puppp(which i don’t think was invented when i had kids)–i think we called it RISM (really itchy stretch marks) :). and i don’t think they did much about it then either, now that i think about it. love you lots.

  2. Oh, trust me when I say this is more than just itchy skin! You literally get every form of dermatologic complaint you can read about — it looks like a burn victim or something. It’s actually pretty standard practice (if you aren’t already doing so for multiples, etc) to induce and/or schedule c-sections early for women who have it — even without any other complications.

  3. i just looked this up and saw the pictures on the medical websites. you are right, i never had that! it looks miserable; i’ll pray so you can rest.