Quick Picture Post

A bit random, but here are a few photos I just got off the camera. I realized this morning, as well, that we never got ultrasound video on here as promised, and never explained why. I’m still working on it, but even though our DVD is paid for and “stars” only our very own unborn children, I’m having an impossible time with anti-piracy stuff and ripping the video to the computer. You might be out of luck, but I wanted you to know we didn’t just forget about it! 🙂

aforementioned Christ Hospital view. I wouldn’t mind being here again sometime soon, if the end result was a couple of beautiful babies (in my arms, and not in my uterus)!

I had PUPPP picture to go here, but I just can’t “pull the trigger”. It’s really disturbing, and I’d rather you not see my stomach look like this! Know that we took a few though, to “cherish the memories”. Ick!

Especially for my mom and aunt, who will not be getting another one of these ever again, but also because in the one we got from Olan Mills both Kyle and I look stoned and/or more tired than either of us have actually ever looked in real life.

34w1d, measuring 43+ weeks


  1. Oh yay a tummy pic – and what a tummy!

    Glad to hear those little girls are still cooking nicely 🙂

  2. Woooow, now that’s impressive!!!

    I love you dearly for posting that, you are the greatest- and the most beautiful- pregnant lady ever.

    Not much longer, just keep hanging on, but I can see why you’re having so many symptoms. Carrying that much up front MUST be killing your back. God help you.

  3. THANK YOU! It is a beautiful picture and you made my evening! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

  4. what a beautiful picture!!! I hope these last weeks (or days?!?!) go quickly so we can see the beautiful girls!