Christ Hospital, Take 2

Hopefully I’m just here a few hours, but I’m here nevertheless. They don’t really intend to deliver just yet, so the goal is to still send me home after a few labs come back. I wanted to pop on though and say mostly that I’ll check in later. The last few days I have had increasing concerns that I’m glad they are taking seriously, and that’s why I’m here now — just to rule out a few things that are suspicious. I’ll update in a much less vague fashion as soon as I can, but I’m sitting in the stupid hallway because they’re too full to get me in a room. All I need is labs supposedly, so hopefully they’ll stick me in a closet somewhere or something to get started, so I can go home if I’m going to! Just so you are sure, the babies are fine, and I’m fine. They just want to make sure things stay that way 🙂