Hurry up and Wait

I’m in a room. I’m hooked up to monitors, which wasn’t part of the plan. That’s about all.

So, I figure I’ll update this since I’m clearly not busy doing anything else! With multiples, I’m obviously at higher risk for a thousand different things, some of which are somewhat rare (or at least rare with singleton pregnancies). One of these things is something called cholestasis, which is a condition in which the normal flow of bile in the gallbladder is affected by a sensitivity to high amounts of pregnancy hormones. Basically, in some women, a sensitivity to these amounts of hormones impedes or stops flow of bile from the gallbladder, which in turn causes a build up of bile acids in the liver and bloodstream. This is bad for the liver, and in the bloodstream can be very bad for the babies. That’s my bigger concern. Here is an article if you’re interested in more details.

Essentially, there is VERY little chance that I have this. Still, there have been symptoms that could point directly to cholestasis, but could also point to a handful of other benign pregnancy things. Since it is nasty, and easy to rule out, we’re ruling it out. Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately “easy to rule out” is just on paper. After waiting 2 hours to get into a room, then almost 2 more hours to actually have blood drawn, and then 20 minutes to see the doctor who told the nurse I could eat (at which point my baked potato that had been stolen from me by my uber-cranky nurse was practically inedible), even though it was never stated that I couldn’t eat. Now, we wait for the labs to come back, which should only take about an hour (from 7pm….. so hopefully just another 45 minutes or so). After the OB came in, he rescued me from all the monitoring, so I’m at least untethered and enjoying a Mountain Dew. Assuming my liver works, I’ll go home soon.

As for the rest of the appointment, all is fine. I lost about 1.5 pounds (shocking, right?), and my blood pressure remains “unimpressive” (the OBs word, not mine :)). I am 70% effaced, and about a fingertip dilated. Basically, that still means nothing. I told both OBs I saw today that I am so incredibly impressed with the body’s ability to do the right thing just with a little rest. We are all 100% sure I would have delivered these babies over a month ago without bedrest, and here we are pushing towards our final goal! Of course, both were quick to remind me that it’s always a balancing act, especially now that we’ve come this far. I will go twice weekly now (meaning this Friday, and 2 times next week) — obviously if anything with either baby or myself changes, even slightly, it will likely be more beneficial to deliver at that point than wait it out.

Well, I think that’s all for now. I got no pictures from the BPP today, so don’t hold your breath waiting for any — it will be at least a week, if then, and you’ll probably pass out sooner than that.

I’ll let you know if anything changes, but I’m thinking this afternoon was eventful, but ultimately ….. just a whole lotta nothing.

Net Gain = 12.5lb


  1. I am glad everything was ok and your mind was set at ease. I am also glad the storms pretty much passed by with out damage. Talk to you tomorrow.

    Love ya!

  2. Thanks for the update Jen – and the card too 🙂

    Its always good to get things checked out – I can’t believe it’s almost time for those wee ones to arrive!

    Keep looking after yourself and those little girls honey.