Lesson of the Day

If you ever meet a woman in her 46th week of pregnancy (ha!), do her grocery shopping for her.

This is not to harass anyone for not doing mine today, because I had plenty of offers. I, however, was so excited to be “allowed” going to the grocery store, that I didn’t really think about how impractical it was. 2+ hours later, I have learned that – regardless of who you are – legs, backs and, well, everywhere else was not really meant to haul around 46 weeks worth of baby for that long.

Still, if ANYTHING out of this ridiculously expensive stash of goodies provides any relief at all… especially at night (I’m not asking for much, just maybe 30 minutes of sleep?), then it will have all been worth it!

Most definitely off to lie down and do nothing….


  1. At the very least, you can make grocery shopping sound like an adventure; you should be a novelist, jen. i enjoy reading about your pregnancy; you should definitely print and save this blog for posterity. hope all your salves and herbs help you to rest tonight. love you lots and have a great anniversary tomorrow.

  2. Hope you find relief from your mini grocery there. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!~ Enjoy dinner tonight…I know you and Kyle will. We love you both!