OB visit #1239308123

Well, at least I got the first appointment of the day, so I could be in and out! Today’s appointment was entirely pointless, but at least very positive. No weight check since it was just a few days ago, and wouldn’t be a good indicator. BP is good, babies are moving nicely (A apparently was head-butting her as she was doing my exam!), cervix remains effaced and slightly dilated…. but mostly she just thinks we’re “doing great”! Hmm…. glad I went? Oh, well. At least I don’t pay per visit!

Last night Kyle and I went to the Melting Pot for our anniversary, which was spectacular as always. I continue to feel horrible, but at least the days are (slowly) ticking by! If you feel like reminiscing, or maybe didn’t know us 4 years ago, click the link to the slideshow in the previous post. It’s about 5 minutes long, with a quick run through of our beautiful wedding, and a sneak peak at where we are now 🙂

I’m off to get a bit of food in me, and see what’s looming on my to-do list that hasn’t been touched in days. Have a good day, and try to stay cool!


  1. so you are starting to feel like part of the furniture at the ob’s office. well, that means it’s about time to deliver. did you ever hear of a grandma shower?? well…my amazing co-workers surprised old grandma with my own shower today. i was overwhelmed. i have a new rocker from cracker barrel and 2 pink pack-n-play things. also sippy cups, baby soap in a pink longaberger basket of course, picture frames, a gate, some outlet plugs, two booster seats with high chair trays. and a cool pink visor that says grandma in yellow letters. and a couple of little outfits that say “i love grandma”. all this and cookies in the shape of rattles, bottles, and bassinets. i guess they have been planning for over a month, and i am so oblivious. they have all been holding their breaths, waiting on news of your ob appointments ever since you were put on bedrest. i can’t wait to put all of my new stuff together. so tell thea that she can still come to visit; there will be room in the car now, cause you won’t have to bring the pack n play. what fun!!